Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wake Up America!

"Wake up America' Amazing new song by our friend, Shawn Gallaway Peace In Our Life Time voice 0,000,000,433 who has been supporting us since the beginning.

Shawn’s new song and video:
Wake Up America!
This is a song that pleads to the hearts and souls of America to wake up and begin taking loving action for change in our country and the way we care for our earth. It’s social activism at it’s best reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s movement for PEACE and LOVE !!!!
Please spread it far and wide.

A song for social justice and activism, pleading to the people of America to wake up and come back to our hearts and souls for change and healing.

"Wake up America and let your heart be seen" - lyric from this song c shawn gallaway we LOVE you Shawn, thank you for always standing in the light showing us the way..

Shawn is the visionary of " I Choose Love!! "
May Peace Prevail on Earth Namaste

People can download the song at or they can buy it on I Choose Love fan page on facebook.

You can connect with Shawn on Facebook  or at his website :

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where science meets spirituality: Myth or Logic


Self Em-powerful, Awakening, Educational and Enlightening. Lecture written and narrated by Self Empowered Author Dr Tom Murasso.  Shared by Susan Prev, on the 11:11 Awakening Community page . 

 Where science meets spirituality: Myth or Logic


What Really Happens Dec 21 2012

Who YOU Are ~ By Dr Tom Murasso 


What is Reality? Really! ~ By Dr Tom Murasso

This Condition Called Love ~ By Dr Tom Murasso



Monday, September 10, 2012

Documenting Peace for People

There is still time to make this happen!! Please Contact Heather if YOU or someone you know would like to donate Air miles to make this happen!
Heather & Tenzing are regular volunteers on Peace Day & peace activities and wish to document the peace efforts in Nepal.
  • Launched: Sep 6, 2012
  • Funding ends: Sep 10, 2012
Peace for People Documentary will be covering the problems in Nepal and the people who are gathering to change the countries landscape for sustainable peace. Nepal is well known for Mt.Everest, the highest peak in the world. It is also famed as the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha, and rich in natural means and resources. It suffered greatly during the period of 1996-2006 from an insurgency of Maoists which caused great destruction of life and property. At the time of conflict 13,236 Nepalese were killed, 1,006 disappeared, 775 became disabled and it caused large amounts of physical deterioration. Ultimately, on November 21st, 2006 a peace consensus was made. This provided relief to some extent but could not recover the deep scarring of Nepal's people and the countryside caused by the conflict. This documentary will look at how history has affected the people in Nepal, and interview people who have been affected on every level.
Peace for People Documentary will cover the last ten years of conflict became an unforgettable event and it set into the heart of Nepal's people. Countries woke up and began to move towards the path of peace. However, because of the irresponsible and selfish behavior of political leaders and parties, people could not in any condition trust them to see the way to peace and create a truly progressive environment. People are now more serious about peace efforts because the time provided to write a new constitution and other peace work has now turned from 2 years to 4 years and yet no conclusion has been made of it.
Peace for People will be covering the peace efforts of the people by filming a field visit at Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Goutam Buddha, a symbol of peace known all over the world. This is a great opportunity to visit Lumbini because there is a tourism program this year called Visit Lumbini Year 2012 that we will be able to utilize.

The Peace for People Documentary will cover the recent developments as Nepal has just overcome ten years insurgency and is in peace processes, and will interview the people and students working for peace and all enthusiastic people eager to know about global peace.
The Peace for People Documentary will have access to interview participants in an International Peace Seminar and will have a chance to discuss their questions related to global peace with internationally recognized people in the peace movement as they will be participating in the program as chief guests on camera.
Peace for People Documentary will support the information and documentation in the transition to sustainable ways of living and a society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for community life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy and a culture of peace. Peace for People documentary supports the initiatives and goals of the United Nations calling for a Global Truce on Peace Day 2012.
Documentary Film & Objectives
o We will document, film and be participants in an on sight field study.
o We will document and film our discussions with actual conflict victims.
o We will document and film our exchange stories and public experiences.
o We will document and film our conversations with local political leaders.
o We will document and film the ideas that specifically addressed in forming non–violent society.
o We will document and film this peace process so others realize that global peace, individuals, families, society, the community, and the nation's role are all important because peace is possible with a combined effort.
o We will document and film the efforts in this society and the country ideas they implement so they will not create a situation of conflict from themselves.
o We will document and film the path of peace activities beginning with young people, as they are taught to form a non-violent world from a grassroots level.

Tenzing and Heather are Ambassadors for Peace for People.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ebay Auction for Lynne Hazelden's Kinder Cancer Treatment

We are now holding a auction on Ebay to raise funds for Lynne Hazelden’s Kinder Cancer Treatment.  Her friends from when she worked in the British Film Industry have donated all sorts including storyboards from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and there is also a signed music award from Level 42 !

HERE is the ebay channel
HERE is the EVENT on Facebook.
Bidding ENDS 8am 31st March 2012 HAPPY BIDDING

As used by the Production on the day of filming and used to create the set. These were given the actors and cameramen an idea of the scene. All have professional certification via Steve Wickenden and Richard Leachman of Elstree Props.

2 ) Original ‘Willy Wonker Chocolate Bar:
This is from the latest ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ film starring Johnny Depp.
They were used in the scene where Verucca Salts dad buys boxes and gets his employees at the nut factory to open them up for the golden tickets.

3 ) Original GOLD MUSIC AWARD for LEVEL 42:
( Mike Lindup)  Donated by Mike Lindup ( Founding member of Level 42) whohas kindly donated his personal Level 42 GOLD Disc awarded by BPI to mark 100,000 sales of the song ‘Staring at The Sun’ which has been signed by the band members.

4 ) Padraig Harringtons own used Cap:
This is the very one he wore picture on ebay

5 ) A Padriag Harringon signed GOLF Driver:
l Like the one he won the British open with along with Programmes signed By Padraig and Paul Casey [♥] Worth at least £250 pounds [♥]

6 ) A PINK Bushnell Rangefinder:
As used by Professional Golfers all over the World, This is Special as its in Pink, Darren Clarke Current British Open Champion has one so does Paula Creamer USA Star and British Ladies Star Mel Reid. The Pink Bushnell is Promoting Breast Cancer. Brand New. [♥] Worth aprox £225.00 pounds. [♥]

Louis Oostuizen 2010 Open Golf Champion ST Andrew Scotland Signed Picture and his own Signed Golf Ball from his Golf Bag. [♥] Worth approx £75 to £100 [♥]

8 ) Signed Photographs for GOLF CHAMPIONS:
John Daly Retief Goosen Ernie Els (all hand signed in Person ) worth £50 to £75 Pounds each

9 ) Exclusive Samuel L Jackson: 
Movie Star signed picture [♥] worth £30 to £40 Pounds. [♥]

10 ) Exclusive STAR WARs SIGNED:
Photo with BILLY DEE WILLIAMS with me ( Lynne Hazelden )
HAPPY BIDDING.. starts SAT 8am 24 th March ends SAT 8am 31st March
HOW TO BID.. GO to SEARCH for the item (copy paste name – search) REGISTER and BID!
I am selling this item to raise funds so that I can be treated by The International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy (CTCI) who provide ground-breaking treatments for patients with cancer as well as non-malignant diseases. Some of the treatments are provided in Israel, and this is where I hope to go. Some 12 years ago, I developed a rare sensitivity to Mercury and Amalgam in my teeth, and due to the rare nature of my chemical sensitivity I found a lack of awareness in the medical profession in caring for my condition. This has meant that in last 12 yrs I have had to find Kinder, more Natural options for myself. During this time I also developed Breast Cancer and I underwent a Mastectomy in 2010. In October 2011 a second malignant lump was found in my reconstructed breast, and now it has spread unfortunately into my lymphs. I hope that you will be able to support me by bidding for and possibly buying the donated item that I am selling. All proceeds will go through my supporting charity – Yes2Life, Registered Charity No. 1112812.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funding Life

From: PEACE in OUR Lifetime's Founder Lynne Hazelden

I am currently £5k short for this trip for treatments.. She would be most grateful for any donations no matter how small and rippling out, sharing so people can donate.. I know times are hard for many of us, but this news is a BLESSING for people to know about KINDER treatments for cancer.. SO many people suffering horrific treatments no NEED!.. we need to raise awareness of this for all our friends, family and globally .. please show your support.
Most humbly,
founder of PEACE in OUR Lifetime ~ I'm a Dreamer AND ~ We're Creating it NOW page and 

Lynne's page Lynne Hazelden is fundraising for Yes to Life
PEACE in OUR Lifetime ~ I'm a Dreamer AND ~ We're Creating it NOW

You can also help for FREE by going to my video blog, 'like, comment and favourite our Peace channel! Be most grateful .. here are the videos! GO HERE so we can RAISE the channel's ratings for this and ALL our work on this page ta x Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation Peace in OUR Lifetime initiative
 PEACE in OUR Lifetime ~ I'm a Dreamer AND ~ We're Creating it NOW You can also help for FREE by going to my video blog, 'like, comment and favorite our Peace channel! Be most grateful .. here are the videos! GO HERE so we can RAISE the channel's ratings for this and ALL our work on this page
Peace in OUR Lifetime initiative We created a Global United Party for Peace to celebrate/raise awareness of the Cease-fire that happens on 21 Sept each year - Did you know? The United Nations agreed and observe such as 1.4 million children were immunised in Afghani... Click here to find out more...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cure Choices for Cancer

Hi my name is Lynne Hazelden. I’ve had an extraordinary life so far and need your help to carry on creating new dreams.

I’ve done everything from helping children to communicate and live happier lives, to working as an actress on TV & films like Star Wars. I have worked for the Hunger Project and recently created an online community where key global peace initiatives work together. You can find out more and add your voice at:

I have started a new website where people affected by Cancer can pool their knowledge. Together we can find a better, kinder way to conquer this terrible disease.

Did you know there are cures available already in ISRAEL and in trials in the USA? In the UK there are complementary medicines available that can substantially reduce the side effects of current treatments?

I am fundraising for my own treatments for my breast cancer and am using my own journey to raise awareness and to try to make this available for everyone in the UK. I am hoping to inspire everyone to join me, and any unused funds raised will remain with Yes to Life to help other people with cancer.

The cancer treatments I would like to undergo use personalised immune therapies with reduced toxicity. The personalised approaches aim to rehabilitate and/or regulate the patient’s immune system, or to introduce donor immune-system cells, to effectively fight disease. This would not only help treat my cancer but would help me to regain my health which was compromised ten years ago, when I was diagnosed by Guy’s Hospital as having had a devastating allergic reaction to mercury and amalgam.

Thanks you in advance for any small or large amounts you can donate to help me on this journey.

You can find out more about these treatments and where they are available at:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Peace Day!

HAPPY PEACE DAY!!! This video is for ALL of YOU ♥ xxx 2012 We hope you love & share it freely.

♥ Thank YOU all for BEING here, sharing your ♥ everyday for peace.. we CELEBRATE YOU and the peace you create day in day out and that 6.9 billion people did Not kill anyone today or any day ;) PEACE??? BRING IT ON!

Lynne Hazelden 

PEACE in OUR Lifetime Initiative
  PEACEJAM  ~ The GoodWill Treaty ~ IMAGINE PEACE
PeaceDAY TV ~ Cercle de Paix ~ World Prayer Society
Culture of Peace ~ Pathways to Peace

Student Peace Alliance & The Peace Alliance


The Alliance for an Awakened Humanity ~ Love is All We Need ~
The Eaupening ~  WICO International ~ JUST GIVING

 Invite YOU to
Thank SOMEONE in Your Life or Community

Watch Peace day events Live here :

Watch live streaming video from peacedaytv at