Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wake Up America!

"Wake up America' Amazing new song by our friend, Shawn Gallaway Peace In Our Life Time voice 0,000,000,433 who has been supporting us since the beginning.

Shawn’s new song and video:
Wake Up America!
This is a song that pleads to the hearts and souls of America to wake up and begin taking loving action for change in our country and the way we care for our earth. It’s social activism at it’s best reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s movement for PEACE and LOVE !!!!
Please spread it far and wide.

A song for social justice and activism, pleading to the people of America to wake up and come back to our hearts and souls for change and healing.

"Wake up America and let your heart be seen" - lyric from this song c shawn gallaway we LOVE you Shawn, thank you for always standing in the light showing us the way..

Shawn is the visionary of " I Choose Love!! "
May Peace Prevail on Earth Namaste

People can download the song at or they can buy it on I Choose Love fan page on facebook.

You can connect with Shawn on Facebook  or at his website :

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